A Christmas tale - Shoppa heminredning online på jotex.se

Chapter 1

One day left...

Every year the sisters look for the biggest and most beautiful Christmas tree they can find at the downtown market. One day before Christmas day they do all the preparations, from early morning to late midnight. All decorations have their own special place. It just has to be perfect...

Chapter 2

A special morning

It was a very cold morning and still dark outside. The frost was covering the big, old windows. The sisters woke up very early and excited this day. They couldn’t sleep any longer. Today was special, it was Christmas day...

Chapter 3

Dinner is ready!

The dinner was served at 6pm sharp. The sisters sat down on each side of the table, folded their napkins and placed them perfectly on their laps. The table was completely covered with all kinds of traditional Christmas foods like turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetables and a lot of tasty desserts. They ate for several hours...

Chapter 4

It's finally here!

The big fireplace sparkled and lightened up the whole living room. The red candles were dripping down over the edges. The time had come and the sisters opened their gifts very carefully but with big excitement. And thank God… They got what they had wished for.

Chapter 5

A perfect day

The thick darkness outside was covering the old windows like a black blanket. It was getting late and the day had almost come to an end. The sisters had gotten their most perfect Christmas Day ever. Well… of course. Nothing else matters in their world.

The end

Merry Christmas!


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